Saturday, November 21, 2009

Helplessly In Love

Another month had pass away. It seems time run so fast. It makes me feel that life is so hard and I cant moved on. Thinking of it.. It has been 6 years from now when I first learn to fall in love. Today I still love her, I don't know how to express this feeling. I don't know how to change my feelings... Waiting for nothing?
Friend told me that i'm stupid and crazy. I guess, I am! I can't blame them because they can feel the helplessness in me. I had fallen ''head over hills'' in love with her. I know, I must let go. I had to let the feeling go. I had to set my heart free.
Today it would be different. I had make a decision in order to moved on. I have to let go. My first priority now is my studies. Instead of dreaming for her. I focus more in discovering new things and new ideas. My focus now is to be the best musician, to study well and give my best.
Then I met a new friend, who had help me understand that reality of love and how to value friendship., with her help I learn to let go. And I know after my studies I can find the woman of my dreams. And who know's, she might be the right person God planned for me. That would be worth the wait.
As for now she still my first inspiration and the first woman of my dream.